Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trip #2 of the Day

4/27 Shopping Trip Version 2.0
I had to visit a neighboring city after my morning shopping trip to run a few errands, and afterwards I just happened to drive by a Walgreens, so I thought I'd stop and see if they had my moneymaker toothpaste in stock. Lo and behold, they did!
Total spent: $3.49
Total sale and coupon savings: $3.50 (50%)
Total savings after RR: $7.50 (Net $3 profit!)

After my Walgreens success, I stopped by King Soopers. I had my eye on some Excedrin PM that I had heard was on clearance and I should be able to get it for about $1/bottle. The price must have been regional, however, because I couldn't get the price I wanted. I did get a few other things though:
A bottle of vitamins (50% off + $1 off MQ)
Crest toothpaste (On sale 10/$10 + $1 ecoupon=FREE)
2 bottles of Wisk detergent (On sale $7.59 +$2 off MQ)
Total spent: $17.61
Total sale and coupon savings: $14.19 (47%)
Plus, I scored two $2 off your next order coupons for buying the Wisk, which means I really saved $18.19 (51%)

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