Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Shopping

Another busy Sunday, but we sure got some great deals today! Here are the totals for today:
Total spent: $56.50
Total coupon and sale savings: $150.39 (73%)

Walgreens purchases
 We stopped at King Soopers, Safeway, Petsmart, and Walgreens today. I will also be making a stop at Rite-Aid at some point during the week. This was the first time I've used coupons at Petsmart, but I will definitely start making it a habit...we saved a whopping $40 today! We scored 2 bags of dog food, 2 bags of cat food, and a bag of Greenies (our dog's favorite treat) for $27.03 (including tax). Our stockpiles are looking very full, and I will also be making a trip to our local food pantry to donate some items that I don't think we'll be using.
My custom tank top
I've also finished my sewing project that I started yesterday! I have another tank top that I want to modify as well, but I'm pretty happy with the way my first project turned out! I may be wearing this one to work tomorrow.

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