Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Successful charity shopping trips, plus a few things for me.

First stop of the day was to Walmart to pick up Ivory soap for free. I got 4 3-packs of bar soap.
Total spent: $0.21
Total coupon savings: $4 (95%)

Then it was on to King Soopers for my pasta bargain, plus a few other things. I was bummed to find out that my store didn't carry one of the varieties of pasta I was planning on getting, so I had to do some fidgeting with the shopping plan while I was in the store. Most of the items I bought today were part of the "Buy 10, get $5 off instantly" mega event, so I had to buy in increments of 10 items to get the best price. I ended up getting:
  • 3 bags of Boulder Canyon potato chips
  • 1 Freschetta pizza
  • 16 boxes of pasta
  • 1 bag of cat litter
Total spent: $11.59
Total coupon and sale savings: $41.60 (78%)

However, a large chunk of my out of pocket cost for this trip was the cat litter (which we unexpectedly ran out of, and I had to get more). But as I was looking for the best deal on cat litter, I found this rebate for World's Best Cat Litter. So once I receive my rebate for the cat litter, the King Soopers trip breaks down to:

Total spent: $3.00
Total coupon and sale savings: $41.60 (93%)

So after I returned from my shopping trips today, I decided to gather everything together that I was going to donate and head over to Longmont's OUR center. Here's what they received today:
  • 14 boxes of pasta
  • 4 3-packs of Ivory soap bars
  • 5 toothbrushes
  • Several travel sized toothpastes and floss
I spoke with the man who was processing donations today, and he said that lately they've been feeding 300 people a day at the kitchen, and serving 180 families through the food bank. I am so glad I could do something, even if it was small, to help these guys out! I will absolutely be donating here again.

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