Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Shopping Wrapup

Yesterday was our weekly grocery shopping trip to King Soopers, and I went to Walgreens as well. Here are our totals:
Total spent: $35.91
Total coupon and sale savings: $130.08 (79%)

King Soopers
Total spent: $28.55
We donated all of this! 

Total sale and coupon savings: $79.55 (73%) 

This was probably the cheapest week we've had yet at King Soopers! We paid $30.22 out of pocket, including sales tax.  And again, I feel like we have more than enough food for the week, plus we stockpiled some more essentials. But the best part of the trip? We scored another 18 POUNDS of pasta to donate to our local food pantry.
I am going to be gone most of next week, so our next shopping trip will probably just be easy meals that my husband can make for himself while I'm away (unless there are any great deals for my stockpile). Once I get back, I would LOVE to try out freezer cooking, and see if this is a strategy that would save us both time and money.

Total spent: $7.36
Total sale and coupon savings: $50.53 (88%)
Total savings after RR: $57.53 (99%) 
It was another great week at Walgreens! Lots of freebies and great deals this week. I used a $4 and $5 RR to pay for part of my order, but got a $3 and $4 RR back! 
I was very excited to find the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polish were on clearance for $1.09 each. I have 4 $1/1 MQs, which made these $0.09 each.
I checked out at the cosmetics counter for the first time, which I think I will be doing from now on if I can. The cashier was great, even when we ran into trouble with the Scotch magic tape deal. The manager at this store was very accommodating and we got through our transaction without any problems. I will probably be going back to Walgreens to get a few deals that either weren't in stock or I didn't have the coupons on hand for. I am also planning on visiting RiteAid today, so I will try to update later this evening with my finds.

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